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Spa menu / Spa details

Signature Massage

  • Royal Healing Signature Massage ( 90 mins )- 2,900 THB

Body Massage

  • Traditional Thai Massage (45 mins) - 790 THB

    An ancient Traditional Thai Massage is a unique blind of deep tissue massage, using pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and creating and overall feeling of well being.

  • Aroma Massage (55 mins) - 1,290 THB

    Our most aromatic and relaxing massage applied on your skin will relieve stressed muscles, increase circulation, soothe the body, mind, spirit and with a sense of well being.

  • Foot Massage & Legs Massage (30 mins) - 500 THB

    This luxurious Massage assists in the relief of stress, tension and revives tired feet. Mild reflexology is applied to treat physical ailments by using pressure points in the feet. An ancient technique based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy from the reflex.

  • Herbal Oil Massage (90 mins) – 1,800 THB

    This healing session begins with the application of a hot compress and followed by a full body massage with Thai herbal therapy. It soothes muscle tension and stiffness of back, shoulder, neck and legs.

  • Hot Stones Massage (90 mins) – 2,500 THB

    Melt tension away with a hot stone massage using smooth, heated basalt stones. The warm stones are placed on tension-prone area that will be soothed with the right amount of pressure to encourage muscles to warm-up and relax.

  • Indian Head Massage (55 mins) – 1,500 THB

  • Thai Fusion Massage (90 mins) – 1,700 THB

Body Scrub Treatment

  • Coconut Body Scrub (30 mins) - 900 THB

    Coconut body scrub smells wonderful and will leave your skin in excellent condition. This recipe for coconut scrub will relax you and help your skin look young and more radiant. Coconut scrub is made from pure natural coconut concentrate. It contains the benefit of Virgin Coconut Oil which is the healthiest and most versatile oil in the world. It is an extremely rich exfoliating paste. It will help tone, nourish and protect the skin. The exfoliating effects help to make your skin look fairer, smoother and softer.

  • Exotic Body Scrub (30 mins) - 900 THB

    A full exfoliation using Traditional Thai Herbal Scrub, That will cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and fresh and healthy skin.

  • Tamarind Body Scrub (30 mins) - 900 THB

    Tamarind is a perfect treatment for oily and acne prone skin due to antimicrobial properties and rich in AHA which help smoothen and brighten skin. The primary action of AHA is to exfoliate dead skin cells by weakening bonds that hold dead skin cells together, thus resulting in skin which looks brighter, thus leading to a younger look. Tamarind extract when applied to the face are excellent anti-freckle and remedies.

Body Wrap Treatment

  • Green Caviar Body Wrap (45 mins) – 1,200 THB

    Green Caviar it has a very rich and creamy texture and is one of the ways nature and science has combined an extraordinary anti-ageing treatment. It is extracted from a plant called green caviar, and its vegetal stem cells are collected through a biotechnological process which acts efficiently in improving the tone and elasticity of the skin.

  • Thai White Cray Body Wrap (45 mins) – 900 THB

    Allow us to cover you in this rich, revitalizing botanical body mask sourced locally from Mother Nature hand. Only the locals know the secret benefits of Thai white clay for trearing skin, by drawing out impurities and taking away dead skin cells; re-moisturizing and restoring the skins healthy ‘glow’ Please allow us to share the secret combination of the write clay fresh turmeric juice, and honey and lemon,. And finally surrender in the naturally heated cocoon as tension is released with at pressure point scalp massage.

  • Aloe Vera Wrap Or Massage (45 mins) – 900 THB

    Aloe Vera, which all its beneficial properties, is applied on to the entire body with special attention to sunburn areas to hydrate and sooth the skin. This treatment reduces the body temperature as moisturizes and encourages growth of new cell.

Facial Treatments

  • La Flora Facial (60 mins) – 1,500 THB

    A La Flora Facial that refine the skin using natural cleansing and gentle exfoliation followed by face massage using the finest honey and mask of fresh cucumber, which will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Spa Package

  • Extreme Moisture Package (120 mins) – 2,500 THB

    Idea for dry and sensitive skin

    • Coconut Scrub 30 minutes
    • Aroma Massage 90 minutes (using Virgin Coconut Oil)
  • The Essence Of Earth Package (120 mins) – 2,500 THB

    Idea for aches and pains, inflammation, joint problem and muscle spasms Plai oil has a wonderful, bright, uplifting aroma, and is highly regarded for its therapeutic properties in massage. Though a member of the ginger family, (sometimes referred to as “Thai Ginger” essential oil), plai does not have the heat associated with Ginger. Instead, it has an overall’s cooling’ effect, providing wonderful relief for swelling and pain of joints and muscles.

    • Exotic Herbal Body Scrub 30 minutes
    • Aroma Massage 90 minutes (using Exotic Plai Massage Oil)
  • Tamarind Retreat Package (90 mins) – 2,500 THB

    Idea for oily and acne prone skin due to antimicrobial properties and rich in AHA which help smoothen and brighten skin

    • Tamarind Body Scrub 30 minutes
    • Aroma Massage 90 minutes (using Lemongrass Massage Oil)
  • Perfect Day (7 HRS) – 7,000 THB

    Our full day spa packages are the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself in a beautiful setting

    Steam 15 minutes
    Choice of Body Scrub 30 minutes
    Choice of Body Wrap 30 minutes
    Cleopatra Milky Bath 30 minutes
    Aroma Massage 75 minutes

    Lunch (Spa Cuisine) 1 HRS.
    La Flora Facial 60 minutes
    Manicure 60 minutes
    Pedicure 60 minutes

Beauty Treatment

  • Manicure 900 THB

  • Pedicure 900 THB

  • Manicure & Pedicure 1,800 THB

Additional Treatment (30 mins)

  • Cleopatra Milk Bath 1,000 THB

  • Sauna 500 THB

  • Steam 500 THB